TOOL: Intercultural Dialogue Through Art


Organisations, youngsters, trainers, educators, teachers, etc:the number of persons or entities who work with young people and want to create intercultural, international and local activities is extensive.

But how to do it? The topic is too big, too wide, it may seem unreachable, off limits, unrealistic. It is for these daunting circumstances that this toolkit emerges.

Intercultural Dialogue Through Art

In order to be able to approach intercultural dialogue in a creative and inclusive way, this toolkit can help to: 

  • Fostering the debate, among young people, on the topics of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and intercultural conflict, allowing them to exchange their own personal experiences. 
  • Implementing activities, focused on  specific forms of art, addressing the topic of intercultural dialogue. This not only will make the debate more accessible, but will also support the creation of tangible artistic outputs, to be used to make your activities more visible in the local communities. 

The Toolkit

This toolkit contains some of the methodologies and activities implemented during the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Intercultural Dialogue Through ART”, implemented in Ligonchio (Italy) on April 27th-May 5th 2023, in the framework of the Erasmus+ accreditation of Associazione Joint

We decided to collect here only the methodologies that were designed or adapted specifically for this mobility and that have been successfully tested during the Youth Exchange.

The Youth Exchange

The activities aim was to explore the topic of intercultural dialogue, approaching it through different artistic techniques, while in direct contact with nature, in order to find new ways of practicing and promoting intercultural dialogue. The practical approach of the activities allowed us to make the topic and the debate accessible to young people with a low level of English, to young people facing fewer opportunities, as well as to valorise the individual strengths and passions of each participant, in a very diverse group.

Europe is a rich continent, where different cultures, religions, beliefs, nationalities and ideas interact with each other. With this in mind, it is crucial to be able to create culture dialogues.

Therefore, the goals of the YE were:

  • Making young people more aware about the topics of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogues 
  • Exchanging experiences about intercultural dialogue and discrimination in the involved countries
  • Investigating artistic forms to foster intercultural dialogue among young people and local communities 
  • Creating tangible artistic outputs to be used during the dissemination events.


With this Toolkit, any interested entity or person will be able to host, deliver and carry successfully activities in these topics and thus, help their local community to become more international and to address issues of the most crucial importance.


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