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Do you know who is a “UN Youth Delegate” and what they do?

They are young people who participate in the meetings of the United Nations, through an initiative that aims to involve young people more in the United Nations’ work.

Each country in the programme chooses one or more young individuals to represent them at meetings. The selection process and responsibilities vary by country.

Currently, 22 EU Member States are part of this programme. Unlike the UN and African Union, the European Union doesn’t have youth representatives.

The UN Youth Delegates engage in important youth discussions at the UN. They also speak up for young people’s rights in Europe, and expand the EU’s youth representation globally.

The aims of the project

The programme aims to improve EU coordination and representation on youth matters and more at the United Nations.

It will help carry out the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and the 2020 EU Council Conclusions on Youth in global actions by promoting dialogue between different generations and cultures and involving youth in policy decisions.

Additionally, a network of alumni will be created to connect youth delegates over the years.

The tasks of a youth delegate differ by country but usually involve giving advice to their delegation on youth-related matters and getting involved in their delegation’s activities, like going to meetings and informal discussions.

Youth delegates can join various United Nations meetings, with many taking part in the General Assembly. Some also attend specific commissions of the Economic and Social Council.

How to become a Youth Delegade?

Some countries already pick young representatives through specific programmes.

You can find out if your country has such a programme by reaching out to government bodies like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Youth Council, or United Nations Associations.

If your country doesn’t have a programme for choosing a youth delegate, you can try to convince your country that having a youth representative at the UN General Assembly is important.

If they agree, the responsible body needs to start the process of selecting a youth delegate.

Discover more about the initiative

If you want to learn more about this topic and would like to become a Youth Delegate visit the official website for more information!


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