“Outdoor Activities and Sport for All” Youth Exchange: A Journey Worth Sharing


We’re thrilled to take a moment to reflect on the success of the “Outdoor Activities and Sport for All” Youth Exchange – a part of Associazione Joint’s 3-year Erasmus+ accreditation.

From July 26th to 31st, Galbiate (Italy) became a vibrant hub of adventure and cross-cultural exploration, as young participants from Denmark, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Spain gathered to create unforgettable memories. 

Uniting for a Common Cause: The Essence and Ambitions

At its core, the Youth Exchange aimed to empower teens aged 14 to 17 by immersing them in the world of outdoor activities and inclusive sports. Together with our partner organizations, we sought to break down barriers, create lifelong connections, and provide a truly transformative experience. 

A Snapshot of Success: Highlights and Milestones

Over six incredible days, we embarked on a journey of growth and adventure. Through it all – learning survival techniques or sharing cultural treasures, we grew individually and collectively. From icebreakers that turned strangers into friends, to traditional and creative games that had us all laughing and learning, every moment was designed to bring us together. Cultural nights allowed us to savor diverse flavors and traditions, deepening our understanding of each other’s backgrounds.

Embracing Physical and Mental Challenges: A Holistic Approach

Our program had something for everyone, catering to both body and mind. From decoding body language to mastering the art of juggling, we tapped into self-expression and personal growth in creative ways. The physical challenges weren’t limited to traditional sports; we introduced inventive twists that encouraged teamwork, strategizing, and yes, plenty of laughter.

Cultural Showcases: A Feast for the Senses

Sharing our cultures was a highlight of the exchange. Cultural nights transformed into global feasts of music, dance, and flavors. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Spain came to life through stories and traditional dishes that sparked conversations and a deeper appreciation for our diversity.

Sporting Challenges: Taking Fun to New Heights

We reinvented the concept of classic sports games that tested our skills and teamwork in exciting ways. Volleyball took on a twist, while dodgeball brought surprises that had us strategizing and laughing in equal measure.

Impactful Adventures: Learning and Giving Back

Beyond the fun, our project also aimed to give back. We cleaned beaches, honed survival skills, and engaged with local communities, experiencing the joy of making a positive impact. Our activities promoted responsibility, teamwork, and an understanding of the world beyond ourselves.

Embracing Memories: The Final Chapter

As our journey came to an end, we celebrated our achievements by summarizing our learnings, sharing them with local Italian kids and putting them into words for the YouthPass, closing the chapters of our emotional diaries, and cherishing the moments that shaped us in heart-warming closing rituals. We left with a sense of fulfillment, carrying with us the memories of this adventure – the laughter, the challenges, and the connections – with us to fuel our journeys ahead.

Voices from the participants 

Samantha from the Italian team shared: “The thing that prompted me to participate was curiosity because I had never participated in a project of this type. I really enjoyed the activities and especially learning about new cultures.”

Nicolo from Italy says: “It was an incredible experience, I wanted to have this experience to improve my English and get to know new cultures, my expectations were absolutely met.”

Lara from Portugal shared her thoughts: “What made me join was meeting new people and improving my English. I loved the experience and would gladly repeat it, the part I liked the most was the international nights.”

Luis from Portugal says: “My personal favorite part was being able to meet other cultures and getting in touch with people very different from me, and being able to identify with them and form friendships. Above all I’ve learnt how a Youth Exchange works, what the Youth Pass is and improved my notions of multiculturalism. I would without a doubt recommend Youth Exchanges to a friend, like my friend did with me.”

A Legacy of Friendship and Adventure

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to the Youth Exchange. This journey has shown us that when we come together, share experiences, and celebrate diversity, magic happens.

Stay Tuned for More: The Journey Continues

The “Outdoor Activities and Sport for All” Youth Exchange has left us with memories that fuel our desire for more adventures, more learning, and more global connections. We invite you to keep your spirits high and your hearts open – who knows what incredible journeys await us next?


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