Month: July 2020

Archery Arrow

Anything You Need to Know about Archery Arrow

Archery arrow comes in various types and shapes compared to other archery equipment. Knowing the types and use of archery arrow is important before choosing one. Each of the archery types has different accuracy which means you cannot just shoot anything from a bow and get a great result. Choosing the right arrow can be confusing, yet there is limited information on how to choose the right archery arrow. If you are a beginner in archery and still not sure what arrow to choose, here are some points that you need to know.

Archery arrow part

Archery arrows are usually made up of 4 parts. No matter what the arrow style, the general parts are mostly the same as the following.

  • Point – Also known as the arrow head, this part is the sharp part at the end of an arrow. Arrow head comes in different types and style with different ability to hit the target.
  • Shaft – The shaft is the body or the length of the arrow. This part is made of different material such as carbon, aluminum, wood, and so on. Different material has different ability and also used for different purpose.
  • Fletchings – The fletching is the three vanes at the back of an arrow. Mostly the fletching is made of plastic or feathers. Sometimes the fletching comes in one color or more.
  • Nock – The nock is the tiny groove on the back end of an arrow. This part is usually made of plastic. If it is perfectly fits the bow string at a strategic place, it is also called nocking point.
Archery arrow part

Archery arrow part

Archery arrow styles

If most of the parts of an archery arrow are mostly the same, but the arrow head comes with different styles. Different styles have different purpose, so it is important to get to know the arrow head styles.

  • Bullet points – This arrow styles are moderately sharp. It is usually used for target practices or small hunting game.
  • Field points – This one is sharper than the bullet points but has the same function for target practice and small hunting game.
  • Blunt points – The blunt points have flat tip and usually used for small game only.
  • Judo points – This arrow head has flat or blunt arrow which is used for small game. Different from blunt points, the judo points has ‘legs’ on it to clasp onto whatever it hit to keep them from getting lost.
  • Broadheads – This type of arrow head is very sharp and specifically designed for hunting.
Archery arrow styles

Archery arrow styles

Archery arrow material

Besides the arrow head styles, arrow is also made of different material which affect its performance. In general there are five materials that most arrows are made from as the following which are wood arrow, fiberglass arrow, aluminum arrow, carbon arrows, and composite arrows. Each material has different performance and purposes. The most favoured arrows material is the carbon for its ability to fly straight out of recurve bows. However, if you want to invest in good arrow, the aluminium arrow is the best choice as it has the competition-level quality.